I have my own channel. My very own channel. On Vimeo. I just like to say that: “I have my own channel.” But seriously, friends, you can watch all of the videos there or here. Up to you. And I’ll be adding more to my channel and this page as I produce them.

And if you want to learn the basics on how to make videos for your blog or business site, please visit my little video business site, Wolf and Redhood Media where we teach small businesses, non-profits and creative professionals how to make great videos.

My Vimeo Channel

My YouTube Channel*
*Yes, I’m on YouTube as well, but gosh, the videos just look so much better on Vimeo, now don’t they?

Z is for Zora Neale Hurston from mischief mari cookies on Vimeo.

Photographing Cupcakes from mischief mari cookies on Vimeo.

Decorating Cookies with a Stencil from mischief mari cookies on Vimeo.