Tools & Equipment I Can’t Live Without: Chocolate Tools & Equipment.

by mischief mari on December 16, 2011

First, a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who bought my book. Thank you so much. A lot more books sold than I had anticipated. Lulu is printing them now. They should be shipping to you at any moment. And I really hope you enjoy the coolest cookies on the planet. I really do.

A few weeks ago, I received a package from Germany. My dear friend Joff (not really his real name but kind of) was in Deutschland and found these charming little chocolates. He said he immediately thought of me. Mwah.

Look! A chef’s hat, a spatula, a knife, a big sauce pot and a pepper mill. All in chocolate. Really. What more could a cook want? What else does a cook need?

Have a most excellent weekend.