Thanks, Santa Ana winds, for such a knockout.

by mischief mari on December 6, 2011

Last Wednesday the Santa Ana (California) winds blew from the east knocking a lot of trees and power lines down. Wolf mentioned one report citing the winds racing through at 97 miles per hour. I’ve seen professional baseball pitchers hurl balls at that speed; so fast you don’t even see the ball. But at least someone - the batter, the umpire, and maybe a few eagle-eyed spectators - actually sees the ball.

The thing with these crazy winds is that you can’t see them. You just hear them and you feel them as they send trees crashing down onto cars and the street. I had such a hard time trying to fall asleep as those winds swirled around like an angry witch. You know that feeling when you’re driving really fast down a road and you hit a sudden drop and your stomachs sinks with the drop? Oh, I felt that numerous times last Wednesday night. And I was lying still.

The windstorm knocked our power out for a few days, and, needless to say, life without electricity ain’t no fun. I’m thankful that we did have heat and hot water, and we had plenty of candles and LED lights so that we could read at night like Abe Lincoln. Wolf constantly checked his iPhone for reports on when we might have our power back, and there were constant delays. Great, I thought, we might get power in a week? Two?

So, much to my surprise and delight, it felt like magic when, three days after we lost power, I turned a lamp switch early Sunday morning, and the light went on.

This was one of three cars wrecked by that tree…