Monday Cookies: The Blue-Haired Girl with the Red Eyeglasses.

Blue-Haired Red Eyeglassed Girl. Photo by Aasulv Wolf Austad.

And you thought Monday Cookies had disappeared? Not a chance. I may not bake and decorate that often but I can’t stay out of the kitchen. I just can’t. When I first saw Linda Davick’s illustration of this blue-haired girl with red eyeglasses, I swooned. I fell in love with her immediately. She was so sweet, so cheerful and so colorful. And there was a whiff of mischief about her. I dreamed, even hoped my own daughter would be like that. It will be a while before my Mimi exhibits a real, unique personality. Right now, at a mere three weeks, she does what most newborns do: cries when she’s hungry, cries when she needs a diaper change, whimpers or cries a little more when she wants to be held. Once those needs are met, she slowly closes her eyes and dozes off into a deep slumber. The life of a newborn. So simple. So basic.

About the cookie: Simple sugar cookie. Royal icing. I discovered that I ran out of black gel color paste (concentrated food coloring) so I mixed electric blue with leaf green to draw the teeth and rings around the eyes. I kind of botched that, though: I used icing that was a bit too runny and instead of making a very sweet, smiling girl, I made her a bit scary, I think.

Linda, thanks for letting me recreate this little girl.

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5 Responses to “Monday Cookies: The Blue-Haired Girl with the Red Eyeglasses.”

  1. linda Says:

    Mari! Wonderful!!!

  2. Marilyn Says:

    Oh my goodness, how can Mimi be 3 weeks old already?! :) I *love* these cookies. But then what could be better than a collaboration between two of my favorite bloggers? :)

  3. Lily Says:

    this is so cool, so different!
    I don’t know why, but I want to eat one!
    Hi to Mimi.
    ; )

  4. Paz Says:

    I like her glasses. Makes me want to go look for red framed glasses. ;-) Mimi has the right idea of when to cry and whimper. ;-) I trust everyone continues to do well.
    Also glad you’re still able to get into the kitchen. I was just thinking that I have to start making my own cookies. *sigh* I’m going to your archives to see if you have a tutorial.

    Paz xoxo

  5. Rhonda Smith Says:

    I love your cookie, she is so cute. And it sounds like Mimi and Mom are doing well. I got domestic the other night and made 2 buttermilk pies. I like Paz’s suggestion of a tutorial to make your wonderful cookies.

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