Oh my, my, my. Meyer Lemon Cupcakes.

by mischief mari on February 23, 2012

I saw this recipe a while ago on MattBites and bookmarked it. I had to because at the time I read the article, meyer lemons were already out of season. I had to wait until they returned, about a year later. Rough. I love lemons but meyer lemons are just so darn special. A tad less acidic than the more common Eureka lemon and definitely less tart. I love tart but the balance of sweet ‘n tart in a meyer lemon is quite special.

I’ve been under the weather again, dammit, so I haven’t been doing much creatively. And baking? Hardly any of that either. Though this last cold lasted about a week - that’s three weeks less than the previous nightmare of a cold - it was still enough to slow me down. This year has been off to a frustrating start. A good one in many ways, but with all this sickness, frustrating. Universe, start aligning a bit better for me, will ya?

Hey, so this meyer lemon cupcake is awesome. The recipe is over at MattBites.com. This dude can cook and take beautiful pictures. His partner is a professional food stylist, so the photos on that blog are just gobsmacking gorgeous. And Matt’s a funny guy, too. How can you not love someone who takes RGB breaks? Not RGB as in Photoshop color breaks. No. Pa-leez. His RGB stands for Ryan Gosling Break. Ha!

Have an awesome weekend.